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Email Policy

CMI Group requires that all SMTP, inbound and outbound, conform to industry best practices. Due to requirements placed on the industry, we do not make exceptions to these; however we will work with companies experiencing SMTP issues to resolve the issues so that security and reliability are maintained.

  • SMTP TO CMI Group must be secured with TLS. Effective December 1st 2020 we no longer accept messages in plain text.
  • SMTP FROM CMI Group will only be permitted to remote servers over TLS and to servers with a Valid TLS certificate from a Trusted Certificate Authority.
  • TLS connections are only permitted over TLS version 1.2 or newer.
  • Sending e-mail server must provide a DNS Host Name in HELO or EHLO that is able to be looked up via public DNS servers.
  • Connecting IP address must have a valid and published PTR/Reverse DNS record that matches the name presented by the sending server.
  • Senders domain must have valid A, AAAA, or MX record in public DNS
  • Senders domain name must have a published SPF record.
  • Sending and Receiving IP address should not have a bad reputation.
  • Sending domain(s) should not exist on any Real Time Block Lists.
  • Sending large attachments will likely result in the message being blocked. Please work with your contact at the company to obtain access to our Web Portal for secured file transfers.